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The possibilities of electric water central heating systems are increasingly used by owners of private houses. Significant advantages of such systems are high efficiency, small dimensions and ease of temperature control. In order for the electric heating system to be efficient, it is necessary to choose the right electric central heating boiler. And the best and most convenient place to do that is Culm Stores. Culm Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd is one of the UK's leading distributors of boilers, low-loss headers, and other heating related products. We provide our clients with a great selection of goods offered by some of the best manufacturers on the market. With Culm Stores, you will always have a fast and efficient supply of instant hot water and at the same time will possess light, small, compact and often completely silent device at your home.

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Clum Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd


  • Central heating and hot water systems
  • chemical dosing pot
  • electric boilers for home heating
  • electric central heating boiler
  • electric central heating systems

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